You’re Running Inside My Head

I stare blankly at your photo that I’m holding
This is the time that I miss you the most

I’m wondering how our path will cross somehow
Because it’s you my heart is longing for.

The color that best describes this feeling is red
It contains the fragments of an innocent dream
I’m so curious about how our eyes will meet
Maybe a music I’ve never heard before will play.

Hello, I just want to tell you that you smile cutely
And that it feels like spring everytime you do

I’ve been sitting by my bedroom window all day
Feeling like the skies turn to dance in my heart’s song.

Lost in thought for a while, dreaming the same dream
It’s too long before the evening turns to another day
The starlight is casting sparkle all over us tonight
I see them clearly and you through your spectacles.

Sing to us the glorious music from your heart
Let me feel your passion in the songs that play
While I write my thoughts on paper listening to them
I’d never forget to happily think about you everytime.

Enough said. This piece is for Shin Dongwoo of B1A4. I hope someday he'll be able to read this.
B1A4's comeback is set for next week. I'm looking forward to it so much. ^o^


The Man I’m Waiting For
I count one, two until three
I waited for a sound, for footfalls on the floor
The feelings linger in every part of my room
I turn to face the window looking down the yard
Wondering when you’ll turn up by the doorstep.

I hold the music box you gave me last Christmas
The music plays, somehow calming my lonely heart
You’re always in my mind, with those pretty eyes
I find myself smiling, lost in thought for a while
You really are charming, leaving me spellbound.

It rains today, showering the pavement with drops
I look at the silent street up front the house
I recall that once you stand in the middle of the lawn
And you beam at me, inching closer to reach me
It only takes seconds for you to sweep me off my feet.

I count one, two and three
Wishing you’d be here again for I miss you a lot
You tell me you sing for me with your guitar at night
Somehow my heart flutters with the words you say
And as I sleep, the melodies reverberate in my dreams.

You say to return by fall, and I waited for it to arrive
The snowflakes began to pour from the winter sky
Outside, everything is covered in lush white
I feel slightly cold and I’m missing your embrace
When are you coming back to ease my longing?

Now, twilight is beginning to make its way from the day
Then I heard a knock on my bedroom door
To my surprise I see you, I see you smiling at me
You planted a light kiss on my forehead
And Yes! I’m so deeply in love with you again.

2013: Another Year
We already left the previous year behind. 2012 is an awesome year despite the ups and downs, the trials we faced, the good and the bad days and the pain and heartbreaks we suffered. It left me loads of memorable experiences and helped me become a better person ( If I really did). School is tough and there are times that problems seem bigger than I am but then I realized that there's no problem that is impossible to solve with God's help. I don't keep a New Year's Resolution because I believe it is ought to be broken. So instead of saying it everytime new year comes, I'd just keep it in mind whatever I want to be changed in me. Because everyday I know we can change if we really wanted to. We don't need to wait for new year to do the change we wanted in ourselves. Okay, enough said. It's already January 11th, too late for greetings but still --Happy New Year! I hope 2013 becomes a fruitful year for everybody.

P.S. Congratulations to Ryosuke Yamada for his solo debut. I didn't expect that Mystery Virgin first-day sales will reach 80k mark. I'll be waiting for HSJ and NYC's comeback soon.

I Wish You to Hear Me From Where You Are

I wish to call and again hear your voice
Staring at the telephone I’m holding
I remember the days full of happiness
If only it can happen for the second time.

I’m missing your laughs, I’m missing you
The smiles that can brighten up my day
And your guitar, your songs and sighs
All of those, I recall as I sit alone tonight.

The moment you left, I want to run to you
Hold your hand until the last of the sun shines
I’ll promise to keep you in my heart forever
Look at me in the eye, the tears are falling.

Are you sorry that you have loved me?
Never did I regret meeting you in that place
On a warm Saturday afternoon near the banks
I simply waited for the sunset as I gaze at you.

I love you, I love you
The words that I’m longing to tell you
I waited and waited until there’s no more time
How would you hear me now that you’re far?

I heard the song we used to sing together
Your voice I’m so eager to hear once more.
Where are you now? I want to see you
Beyond this longing, my heart silently sheds tears.

I love you, I love you
Will you be coming back and meet me again?
I’ll be waiting for you no matter how long
I wish you will hear my plea from where you are.


I'm having trouble with my internet connection during the last five days.
It's really terrible. Compared to its previous performance, it really sucks these days.
I don't know what to do now. I can't download anything without waiting for at least an hour and i if I download multiple files simultaneously the download speed will drop to 15kb per second or even less. Connecting to facebook, youtube, tumblr and korean fansites take too long. Especially anything which is related to google or which requires google account. I hate my connection. It really sucks and I'm loosing my patience. I am starting to lose my interest in surfing the internet at home. I prefer renting in an internet cafe and pay P15 per hour than wait endlessly in a damn slow internet.

Something to Share
Hi there!

It's been a tiresome day. I just recently restored to health slightly after suffering from a mild cold a day ago. Although I might have recovered quite quick my cough and cold aren't gone yet so even this day I still have to endure clogged nose and awful cough while I'm on my way to school and during classroom hours.

By the way, I decided to post another entry for tonight since I've got nothing else to do. But the truth is I really have loads of things to do and actually there are some options to choose from. There are quite a number of films, dramas and books that I'm not finished watching and reading yet. One of them is Risou no Musuko. I really love the drama series. Totally funny but sweet. Ryosuke's character in that drama is awesome and he did play his role well. He can definitely pull off a comedy drama while at the same time managing to do some serious and low spirited scenes when needed. I wish he gets another drama next year. I already knew that he has another drama that is set for release either later this year or early next year. I'm totally looking forward to it. The thing is it's only an SP so most likely it's gonna last for roughly an hour and a half. So I'm feeling it's kind too swift or something. I would prefer a renzoku format but nevertheless I'd really love seeing Yama-chan showcase his acting chops once more. I'm actually missing him now ^^.

Also I'm not yet done with Sprout ~ Chinen's romance drama. I love the insert songs so much. It fitted well with the scenes where they were played. I also like the way how the songs sound in every part of the scenes. Very nice timings! Well I know the songs' melody suited the drama but the lyrics seemed not to. But despite that I have the music of my choice. The song I love the most along with the scene as far as I have decided is on Episode 1 when Miku's about to stand to get herself and Souhei some drinks and she suddenly got her foot slipped. Souhei offered his hand to her and Miku took it almost hesitant at first then after holding Souhei's hand she realized it was the same hand she took in the day of the Entrance Ceremony and the guy who extended his help to her that day is the one she considered as his fated person. My heart instantly raced when I watched that part. Until know I consider it as one of my favorite scenes. I'd be better off not mentioning Hayato and Souhei more because I don't know where I am supposed to start. But before I conclude I like Jesse Lewis and his role as Hayato. Maybe he's not a very good actor yet but I know he'll become one someday. He's only starting his acting career that's why I understand he's not yet capable of expressing his emotions through facial expressions very well. Though it might have been that way I'd say that the chemistry between him and Miku is way more than what I've expected. It can undoubtedly rival with Souhei-Miku team up. Shortly after the first few episodes was released and subbed I'm stuck in choosing between the two although I know perfectly that it is Souhei who will be Miku's partner in the end. Like I said I should cut this off now and prevent this post from dragging on and on. OOPS I'd like to express once more~~Jesse Lewis is awesome! It will be wonderful if the six of the Bakaleya boys will debut soon.

Moreover someone caught my fancy again. It's Kento Yamazaki. He's not very popular yet but I hope he would be someday. I got interested in him when I watched Kanseitou. I like the film although almost throughout the movie it's kind of gloomy and dreary. There is something in the film that makes it touching and interesting. The film depicts the life of a teenage boy who doesn't show interest in the world other than his own and has a very different point of view to the people who are the same age as him. I believe he thinks life is not a serious matter and is very dull until he met a girl who transferred to his school. And from there they become friends. I know there is a blooming romance between them but before it actually spring to its fullest an incident happened which soon break the beautiful spell that cast him in almost a dream for a short while.`

My post ends here. Until next!

So far away,
Separated by thousands of miles between
The heart awakes from a lonely call
The sun has risen and the clock turns its hands once more.

The brilliance of a love that re-kindles in fire
Blossoms like the roses in spring
Giving out its bright red glow like passion within
Swinging in the joyous wind at it sings.

A sweet lullaby puts me into a deep slumber
There we meet at last.
A moment I waited since forever
And brings the tale to unfold its very first romantic episode.

I hear the birds chirp a song I do not know
As the wind whistles a tune so lovely a sound
I'm here with you and I can feel your warmth
So am I fond of dreams that lasts for a while.

The day seemed long but the sun has yet hidden to the west
Leaving us both in starlit darkness
You hold my hand and speak words of promise
While the fireflies dance above us in the moonlight.

The time arrives, we both need to go
A sweet story concludes in a blink of an eye
I'll hold on to our memories while we're far apart
For once it gave me bliss, a dream might be enough.

The Kid with the Sweetest Smile and the Cutest Gaze

6. Do Kyungsoo of EXO

I've known EXO a few couple of months back. They just debuted this very year in April with Mama as their debut song. The song is nice but it's kind of scary because of the way how the MV turned out. The members wear cloaks and as if having a cult meeting and singing or calling someone using weird language. The members also have individual powers. The entire EXO group is divided into two--EXO K nad EXO M. EXO K as what we can  perceive with the Letter K means Korean. EXO K is intended to focus in South Korea and sing Korean songs while EXO M is set to promote mainly in China. Four of its six members are Chinese while the remaining two are Korean nationals. EXO consists a total of twelve members. They are equally divided to form the two sub-groups. I like them pretty much.
Before I end the caption or let's say introduction I'll give few information about my lovely Kyungsoo. Please don't mind the adjective MY. I'm just used to calling them MY + the name of my crush to state as if they're my own. But it only serve as an endearment. I don't claim a person as mine. I'm not an obsessed fan yet.

Name: Do Kyungsoo
Birthday: January 12, 1993
Height: 173 cms
Position: Main Vocal

Cuteness Overload Under The CutCollapse )

When My Plans Failed To Materialize
I'm not posting my top anymore. My connection got faulty all of a sudden. I last posted photos last April and I do hope I'll be able to do so again the next time I try.
And so good night!
I waited almost an hour or so but it all ended up useless.
I haven't finished my assignments yet. Now I'm thinking how will I be able to do the remaining four with me attending school early the next day.
Let's all begin our journey to dream land. It's raining mildly outside now. I miss the cool breeze after suffering all day from the hot weather. My Englist starts to suck again.

Jaljayo good night!

A Lazy Mind Is Still Capable of Producing Fun Stuff Quite Unexpectedly
Hi there!

I'm here again! Remember me talking about about posting about my Top biases here? I guess I can do them now. But that's going to take a short while. I'm not going to include long captions anymore since I don't have enough time to think what I want to say about each of them. Actually I don't know where to start. I also don't have ample time for these. Honestly, I'm in the middle of doing my re-writing homework. It's just that I failed to understand the articles I'm about to re-write that's why I look for something to divert my attention away from them. I really have no idea what's my lead is going to be or how I'm going to construct them. Sportswriting is quite a hard subject. Maybe more than quite, it's undoubtedly tough for me. And I'm hoping I'll finish them before I go to bed.

By the way, I'm not sure where I'm going to begin. Maybe my Top 10 first.


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